We offer special rates for Film Schools and Theatres. We are also very happy to provide free advice and guidance to film students to help them with their productions.


Lance Peters

Our CEO and Senior Armourer Lance Peters – Originates from the UK – Ex British Army (16 years) – joined the army straight from school. Experience in Movie Armoury since 1993 in Europe and since 2001 in Africa. He is now based in Cape Town but travels internationally. Lance Peters heads up our Movie Firearms Training Courses and is our Senior Military Advisor. Particular interest in designing and building technical gadgetry and large military props/artillery.

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MIL.SPEC. can provide modern equipment and firearms internationally and we are very experience in the shipping of firearms and liaising with international police services and government departments in order to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. We have established associates dealing with Movie Firearms in the UK, Namibia, Ghana and South Africa.

We design and manufacture specialized weaponry & props from small electronic James Bond style gadgets to large military artillery equipment i.e. cannons, rocket launchers. We can fabricate just about anything working in all mediums. We are registered suppliers of dummy and inert explosives. We also offer in house moulding facilities.
MIL.SPEC. also provides SWAT/Special Forces Uniforms and Equipment and SWAT Team Performers with prior experience and training. We can deliver the entire head to toe outfits with all related firearms and props to set, dress the performers (or provide or own performers), manage all the equipment on set (and provide further tactical training if necessary) and take the Uniforms and Props away with us at the end of the day.


We are passionate about making our industry safer and therefore set up Movie Firearms training days. MIL.SPEC. runs Movie Firearms Training Workshops at registered Firearms ranges for Actors, Stunts and Action Extras with the aim of improving safety standards within our industry and preparing performers for their roles. We can also run Bootcamps / Team Building Workshops to prepare groups of Actors / Stunts for upcoming roles with all the necessary Firearms Tactics and Safety Training. These can be Day Camps or Overnight Camps, or at local shooting ranges.


Armoury companies in South Africa must undergo stringent checks to be able to trade. A new Armoury company must show previous experience and a genuine involvement in the industry to be able to become registered with the SAPS. Armoury companies are registered with the South African police service. All staff members must clear a Police criminal records test periodically. All armourers must undergo a written and practical test for each individual category of firearm, that is currently six separate exams.  No props person is allowed to handle or supervise any firearms on set. No individual (licenced or not) may handle or supervise a firearm on a film set unless they are a member of staff with a SAPS registered armoury company. The armoury company must have a designated individual who is legally responsible for the ­­­­­­­actions of the staff and the company. MILSPEC staff generally have at least 2 years’ experience under the control of a senior armourer before they are allowed to attend a set with firearms unsupervised.

Our Registered Armourers are trained by Lance himself. To be able to work as an armourer in South Africa, you have to work through a registered Movie Armoury Company such as MIL.SPEC. An Accreditation Certificate issued by The South African Police Service is proof of this registration.

In order to become a Registered Armourer in South Africa, a person must firstly have passed the relevant firearms competency courses relating to each type of firearm AND have had a firearms competency certificate issued by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Once the training courses have been passed, the training certificate from the training institution is sent to the SAPS for a background clearance and criminal record check, only once this last process is completed is an armourer legally qualified and competent to work as a Film/Tv Armourer. Competency certificates have a valid period of 5 years after which they must be renewed through SAPS. The certificates often expire during the renewal waiting period due to the time it takes for the SAPS to respond. The expired certificates are still valid as long as a proof of application is provided or until a refusal for renewal is received. To check if your armourer has received a full competency certificate from SAPS to allow them to work in the industry, you can ask for a copy from the armoury company who is providing the service.

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  • Our Warehouse is conveniently situated in the industrial area of Montague Gardens, Cape Town close to Atlantic Film Studios.
  • We have a well-equipped fabricating & manufacturing workshop on site with in house design and moulding facilities.
  • We are also registered to manufacture Explosive Training Aids/Props

Team Skills

  • Extensive Set Armoury Experience in Europe and Africa
  • Ex British/South African Military
  • Close Protection/Security Trained Advisors/Armourers
  • Weapons Training experience in the Military and in Film
  • SFX
  • BA Hons Degree Film & Communications – London, UK.
  • Small Production Management Experience


Charities and Causes

MIL.SPEC. Supports Protrack’s Rhino Task Force.  Protrack provide Anti-Poaching Ranger Training and trained Anti-Poaching Rangers to Game Reserves and have a volunteer Task Force protecting not just our Rhino but other endangered wildlife on our reserves.


We are also supporters of various charities that are concerned with Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare.  If you are producing a charitable advertisement or campaign to raise funds for these causes please contact us as we will always be as accommodating as we possibly can to assist you.