We provide On Set Armoury Services working with Blank Firing Firearms as well as Replica Firearms, and working firearms using air and gas. MIL.SPEC. Armourers also provide On Set management of performers with firearms or replica firearms and the related tactics required for the scene.

Our other services include On Set management of Replica & Dummy Firearms and related Uniforms and Props. This service relieves both Props Department and Wardrobe Department. Actors, Extras and Stunts can be dressed in often complicated Uniforms and Belt Kits by MIL.SPEC. and our standby Armoury Assistants can then look after all related props and uniforms while they are on set. This service is particularly useful for SWAT Teams and large Police Teams – All Firearms, Props and Uniforms can also be delivered to the set – overseen during filming and then taken away at the end of the day.
SFX relating to gunfire. Bullet hits on surfaces and water. Fire Effects for Riot Scenes, burning cars etc. Smoke for small scenes. Debry for small explosions.


Military Technical Advice in pre-production / research and on set

We research any period in military history and supply advisors to ensure your production is as accurate as you require. MIL.SPEC. also provides Military Advisors to sets to provide training for your performers and oversea your Military / Police scenes to ensure they are realistic. We provide Movie Firearms Training for performers before their scenes to ensure they are safe and confident.


We are passionate about making our industry safer and therefore set up Movie Firearms training days. MIL.SPEC. runs Movie Firearms Training Workshops at registered Firearms ranges for Actors, Stunts and Action Extras with the aim of improving safety standards within our industry and preparing performers for their roles. We can also run Bootcamps / Team Building Workshops to prepare groups of Actors / Stunts for upcoming roles with all the necessary Firearms Tactics and Safety Training. These can be Day Camps or Overnight Camps, or at local shooting ranges.


Fabrication in All Mediums

Weapon Moulding and Fabrication. Custom Builds for all forms of weaponry. Electronic Gadgets, and devices with flashing lights – remotely controlled. Props of all kinds not just weaponry. We have a full build workshop kitted with machinery to work with metal, wood, plastics, electronics, rubber and moulding.


Blank firing weapons of all types for Movie & TV use. Dummy – rubber moulded and painted to match original, softs for stunts, and Replica Weapons – metal/plastic.

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Military & Police Props, Military & Police Uniforms, Badges, Gadgets, Explosives of all kinds, Gangster and Robber Props and much more.

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2x Military Humvees, Military Landrover, Dodge Power Wagen (Military Truck 1948), Rocket Launcher or Artillery Piece (Canon) on Trailer, Period Howitzer Canon on Horse Drawn Trailer

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